Blessings Are You Ready To Chase Me Today?

I live near a church so near that I am able to hear Mass even if I am home.  Today, being Ash Wednesday, I heard all Masses celebrated from the first one to the last.  The Lenten Season gives us the Forty Day Challenge to try to be better.

With the ceremonial ash on our foreheads, the church is telling us that we came from ash, and to ash we will return.  It is reminding us that we are God’s greatest miracle and because of that we need to realize and accept that He has made us worthy.

Joel in the video is telling us that we need to get in agreement with God, so that we can live like we are crowned with God’s Favor.

You are a child of the most blessed God.  Claim your blessings.  Act like you are blessed. Think like you are redeemed. Dress like you are crowned with God’s Favor. Rise up in Faith.

Matthew 9:29 Become what you believe.

Dare to call yourself what you are, even before you can see it.  Talk about being a blessing to the world even if you cannot take care of yourself. Talk about living in a nice house even if you are living in a run-down dwelling.  Program your mind for victory.