What’s Your I’m – Possible?

Credit: Brian Tracy/fb

Credit: Brian Tracy/fb

I was going through the news feed in FB when I saw the above photo. It reminded me of my impossibles in the past.

When we really look at the word IMPOSSIBLE. Do you know that you can turn it into an affirmation?  Separate the first two letters from the rest of the word and you get I’M POSSIBLE. I’m Possible. I am Possible.

We all have our own wishes but most of them stay as mere wishes because we don’t really believe they can happen, or that we don’t deserve to have them.

We all deserve to have the best that life can offer. But it depends on how much you are willing to allow yourself to have.

Have a look at what you really want to have and see if you permit yourself to have it. It you do, then you will not stop until that dream is realized and is yours. You will move mountains. Nothing can stand in your way. But before that happens, you have to be very clear as to what YOU really really REALLY WANT.

(I’m gonna need a moment to collect pictures of what I want…Will post them when ready..=p)


It Is Time

the universe

Credit: Living The Law of Attraction/fb

I wrote this article a few months ago in another website. I have decided to focus on this site and every now and then, I read my own articles,so I thought why not copy all my old articles here?  I may change some of it a little…

I woke up today remembering a portion of my last dream. And it jolted me awake.  Like a strong gush of wind it hit me.  My dream is telling me, IT IS TIME. You see, for the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking of taking a new path.

A new path doesn’t get presented to us out of the blue.  It emerges when we reach that point in time wherein we feel that nudge to try something different.  Sometimes though, we want it, but we are afraid.

Let me tell you a short story about my friend. Let us call her Virginia. Virginia is a lovely young woman.  She is 29 years old. Petite. Very pretty.  She resembles the young actress that  played Edward and Bella’s daughter in the Twilight.  She is brilliant. Raised and educated in the city, but painfully shy.  It will kill her to say “hi” to a straight person of the opposite sex. She is deathly afraid of rejection. She longs to have her own family someday. But Virginia has never known the thrill or boredom (depends on whether you like the person) of having someone court her. Despite her beauty and brains, she is a NBFSB (no boyfriend since birth).

It is Time

For something to happen, you have to give yourself the permission to have it.  Tell yourself it is time to have the good things in life you have always wanted.  It is time to Love. To give love and to accept love. It is time to enjoy your life.  It is time to feel good about yourself.  It is time to spend more time with your loved ones and your family.  It is time to express your creativity.  It is time to give to yourself more.  It is time to enjoy the little things.  It is time to have more laughter and joy in your life. It is time to attend to your own needs in all aspects of your life.  It is time for proper self-care.  It is time to immerse yourself in God’s unstoppable love.  It is time for you to respond to this love by allowing yourself to be transformed to your best version. It is time to open the door to opportunity. It is time to live in abundance.

It is time for CHANGE.

For Change To Take Place, You Need To Do Something You Have Never Done Before

I was playfully telling Virginia that I can set her up with the man of her dreams.  Her reply? ” Wag na lang.  Nahihiya ako malaman nya that I’m attracted to him.”  To translate is to reduce the impact of her response but let me try. Imagine me exaggerating the response with body language–with my knees bent and knocked, and my arms intertwined in front of me. “Don’t do it anymore. I’m ashamed to let him know what I feel about him.”

It petrifies her just to think that he will know that she likes him.  I think he will be flattered.  And then he will pay attention.  If he sees something he likes, then he’ll probably make a move.  If he doesn’t do anything, then he is not the guy for my dear Virginia.

I have another friend. Let’s call him Art. He is the best living artist I have ever known and he is also the first animator I have ever met. And he’s my friend. He was telling me that he’s in some sort of a bind and he wants out. He needs to break free. But cant seem to make the move. I think he is exactly in the right place. That place is telling him to decide and then to act on it. (I may be able to give an update on this later and also on Virginia.)

Listen to Your Inner Self

Whenever you feel that nudge from within, listen. Call it intuition or your inner self or your guide. That voice from within is telling you something. And when you hear it, heed its voice.

Be Willing To Be Disturbed

If you really want something new, then you need to review what you have been doing in the past.  Because if your reality has not changed since birth, then you have not done anything new. You droned through your monotonous existence, doing the same thing over and over and over, every day. 

If you want to have new experiences, you need to disturb yourself.  You need to grow. You need to try new paths. Test a strategy.  See how it works.  Then develop it.

When I was really really young, I dreamed of working with other nationals outside my country.  I didn’t know how I will do it, but I allowed myself to fantasize about it.  It didn’t take long to happen.  Within the year of my first job after graduation, I resigned. I was hoping to have a short break while waiting for results from my job applications.  The break didn’t materialize, but the universe had something else for me.  So the next thing I knew, I was on training for a new job overseas.

Be Ready to Fail

When we go for something new, we can be sure that we will encounter unfamiliar territory and if we don’t make the right choices, we can fail.  Failure is alright. It is temporary.  Learn from the experience and pick yourself up and start again.

Get Yourself Unstuck

We get stuck when we are not clear with what we want. To get out of the rut, you need to identify what you want to do.  Be deliberate with your action. Specify a time frame so that you can maximize your day. To be in the game, look for mentors to help you.  Get yourself the right backup.  Be bold and act. Reach out for your fair share. Go to where the action is. Be willing and ready to experience what life has to offer.  Savor it and enjoy yourself. If you can’t do that, you will stay where you are.

Realize That You Don’t Have Unlimited Time

Our stay on this earth has a limit. We don’t know when it will end, but it will definitely come to an end. So seize the day. There is no time for tomorrow.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. At the same time, we also need to grow in all areas.  But it can only happen if you permit yourself to engage in it, whatever that may be. Release yourself from your limiting beliefs.  Tell yourself, It is Time.