What’s Your I’m – Possible?

Credit: Brian Tracy/fb

Credit: Brian Tracy/fb

I was going through the news feed in FB when I saw the above photo. It reminded me of my impossibles in the past.

When we really look at the word IMPOSSIBLE. Do you know that you can turn it into an affirmation?  Separate the first two letters from the rest of the word and you get I’M POSSIBLE. I’m Possible. I am Possible.

We all have our own wishes but most of them stay as mere wishes because we don’t really believe they can happen, or that we don’t deserve to have them.

We all deserve to have the best that life can offer. But it depends on how much you are willing to allow yourself to have.

Have a look at what you really want to have and see if you permit yourself to have it. It you do, then you will not stop until that dream is realized and is yours. You will move mountains. Nothing can stand in your way. But before that happens, you have to be very clear as to what YOU really really REALLY WANT.

(I’m gonna need a moment to collect pictures of what I want…Will post them when ready..=p)


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