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Credit: letcteachers

I was having dinner with Mom and Dad and as usual, we swap stories. Ma doesn’t run out of funny anecdotes from kids in class.  She teaches English Freshmen to 15-16 year olds at a local university.

She shared three with me tonight.

Essay Number 1:

I have a number of siblings, named A, B, C and D.  My favorite is D because he makes me feel good.  I love this sibling of mine.  He always showers me with kisses and hugs me when I get home from school.   I love it except that he kisses with too much saliva.  He is the youngest among us and he is only four years old. I love all my siblings. Sometimes I deliberately make them cry.  By the way, I am the eldest in the family.

Essay Number 2:

I love my English teacher now.  She is not like my teacher last year who would peer at us through her steel-rimmed glasses like a harsh judge. My teacher this year reminds me of my grandmother.  I like attending her classes.

Essay Number 3:

I am always late in this class because I don’t like to wake up early. And I don’t like to wake up early because I don’t like taking a bath.  My teacher is a good teacher.  I don not want to exhaust her patience.