dream it

I had the privilege to work with a great team headed by an equally magnificent person for the past two months.  He had a unique way of making us work smarter and of pushing us to extend our reach beyond our self imposed limitations.  I have to admit, I found his ways more stressful than my previous supervisors.  But I also have to say that his method made a previously impossible goal easily reachable.  In fact, I glided smoothly way beyond the number I so laboriously and fearfully tried to meet in the past.

He was upfront, fun and a little mischievous on the side. If anyone can imagine a supervisor like that.  No wonder his previous team would always flock at his side whenever possible.  

He did not get confirmed for the post.  But I think he managed to get more than that.  He made me realize that we all have dreams.  And no matter what happens, we should always make the dream serve as a beacon of light to guide us every step of the way.  We may stumble on the way, but if the dream is real and burning within our hearts, no one can stop us from going after it and from eventually reaching it. What matters most is not bagging the goal, but what we become along the way.

Thank you Meynard.


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