Secrets To A Happy Marriage – Joel Osteen

People are different from each other.  It takes maturity to be able to get along with each other. Treat people with respect.

1.  Keep strife out of your life.  Keep peace in your relationships. Pursue peace relentlessly.  And learn to maintain peace.  Be the bigger person. Be the peace maker.

2.  Make allowances for each other’s weaknesses.  When you walk in love and cover the other’s mistakes, you are sowing the seed for change to take place.

3.  Realize that you can’t change the other person.

4.  Adapt.  Don’t be selfish and hardheaded.  Honor your partner by doing what he/she asked.  Make the adjustments.

5.  Avoid arguing over small things.  Check out your pride.   Don’t be a knowitall because of your pride.

If you can’t keep strife out of your life, it will follow you wherever you go.









To Compromise or Not

“I want to go down God’s best path…You may have made wrong decisions in the past.  There is nothing you can do about that now, but you can do something right, right now.  Choose the right path. Choose the better path.”

I’m listening to Joel Osteen’s sermon, as is usual with me on my dayoff. A while ago, I got a PM – private message from my friend. Before I read her message, I noticed that her photo is not there anymore.  Her new husband has made her deactivate her facebook account.  She was asking for my email so she could send me the wedding pictures.  I remember the previous PM I got from her, she was asking for my mailing address so she could send me the photos, because her husband told her to print the pictures and to send me some copies.  This was when he returned to his country.

Her wedding last March was hush- hush, like a secret.  There were only eleven people, including the pastor and his wife.  I was the only friend present.  It was like so because her groom wanted a Private Wedding.

I have never been married, and hopefully will be in the near future.  And like any female (and maybe male), for me, the wedding is a milestone in our lives. Just like giving birth and raising kids, and eventually enjoying life as seniors when the kids have flown from the coop.

Her wedding was a complete surprise to me and to her family.  She invited me through a PM.  Of course.  But she invited me two days prior to the wedding.  I had no idea she was into a new relationship.  I knew about the others since she shared happy events in her life with me.  She told me about her plans to go overseas, because she knew that was also my top priority.  Not only did she tell me about her good times and her plans.  She also told me about her frightening experiences at work.

A wedding is not just an event.  It is a major happening, and one of the most awaited, whether that is marriage to Christ or marriage to the partner of your dreams.

I didn’t ask anything about the groom when she invited me.  I just asked if he was the same man I saw who was so proudly shouting his love for my friend on facebook a few years back.  He is not the same person.  So I just asked for his name.  And blessed their upcoming nuptial.

At the wedding, I was apprehensive and excited at the same time. I arrived early and found the pastor and his wife waiting.  They too didn’t know anything about the groom and the bride. (I think when I plan for my wedding, I want the priest to know me–I remember back in college, I told my friend that he will marry me.  He is now a very well-known priest in the country.) When the groom entered the room from the elevator, my heart sank.  My friend has two college degrees. She is at the prime of her life. She is very tall and very pretty. He is an old man. He has graduated to seniorhood for at least four years.  And when we spoke, he talked like a member of one of the most notorious organized syndicates in one of the richest and powerful countries in the world.  He said he is a businessman but wasn’t able to give me and my friend’s mother any specifics.  The man told us that he will enroll her to medical school because she wants to become a doctor.  She will make one hell of a good doctor since she is a registered nurse and a physical therapist too!

But the wedding and the “privateness” and the surprise we all got from my friend has raised red flags and recently, the man told her to deactivate her facebook.

What is he hiding from?  Why is he cutting off her connection from friends and family?  Why was the wedding private?  If he was a successful businessman, why did he not stay at at five star hotel? Why didn’t he take her on a honeymoon? Was it a money issue?

My friend posted only one wedding picture on her facebook page.  And a few weeks after that, she was told to shut down her facebook page.

He knows that my friend is bent on going overseas, living there, and marrying someone from a different race, not necessarily in that order.

I can’t shake the gnawing feeling that she sold herself out so she can already get married and go overseas.  I pray that she will listen to the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit so she will eventually do the right thing.