Secrets To A Happy Marriage – Joel Osteen

People are different from each other.  It takes maturity to be able to get along with each other. Treat people with respect.

1.  Keep strife out of your life.  Keep peace in your relationships. Pursue peace relentlessly.  And learn to maintain peace.  Be the bigger person. Be the peace maker.

2.  Make allowances for each other’s weaknesses.  When you walk in love and cover the other’s mistakes, you are sowing the seed for change to take place.

3.  Realize that you can’t change the other person.

4.  Adapt.  Don’t be selfish and hardheaded.  Honor your partner by doing what he/she asked.  Make the adjustments.

5.  Avoid arguing over small things.  Check out your pride.   Don’t be a knowitall because of your pride.

If you can’t keep strife out of your life, it will follow you wherever you go.









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