Some Thoughts on Online Dating

online dating

I have never gone online dating before. I did try pen pal writing when I was ten years old, but that was because it was part of our Social Studies class. You know, the UNESCO and all. When texting came to be, I refused to engage in random texting just to see who gets the text message and if someone would actually reply. Besides wasting good money, it’s wasting time, energy and really good brain cells.

Then came online dating. The mere idea was totally repulsive to me. It’s a big NO NO. That is the realm of pretenders and people of questionable repute.

But hey,I know people who found friends and love online. Some even got married.

One of my friends married someone she met online. She told me that she sort of waited after registering and there was one who persisted in writing. Theirs resulted in an exchange of I do’s. My friend is very pretty and very young. Their union is a May- December one. You already get who’s the December part. I wish she made her quest a little more fun by actively looking for The One , instead of waiting. I think she might have met a June partner if she shopped and if she took her time.

To get started, I consulted my good friend Google. He spewed numerous choices which included a brief description and a comparison of each site. The various sites opened my eyes to other worlds, for straights, for non straights, for beautiful people, where you can join for free and later upgrade by becoming a member.

It took a very very long time to complete my profile. I thought I was already applying for a job, a writing one. The psychological profiling resulted to a “book” of myself. Pretty comprehensive and could be upgraded to be more in depth. Then when my profile was about 75 or so percent complete, I got matches. I would be able to view their photos if I upgraded.

I found all the questions tedious. And the thought of revealing to the market my personality so someone who is shopping can take his pick wasn’t very appealing. But I wanted to try an experiment. So of course I didn’t just create any profile. In a way, it was like applying for a job and putting all my best qualifications forward. I had fun answering the basic questions. They made me look within and see what I liked in myself and what I liked to do or to have.

Reading through the matches’ profiles is fun. I didn’t realize the opposite sex who go into it are serious in finding their One True Love and I found one who admitted being nervous about online dating. I guess we all have our doubts and fears.

We just need to keep our heads on our shoulders, just like we do when on real life dating. Make sure you find the right site. Have fun in creating your profile. This is a venue to meet people. The idea is not to get married right away, or it may not even be about getting married. We need to remember that when we meet people whether face to face or online, it is not because we want to get married. It is about connecting with others. Getting to know people. Enlarging your world. Enriching your experiences. Having fun. Helping people. Sharing ideas.

Each person has an objective of course. But if you want to meet THE ONE, then you need to make sure you meet many and not only one. Don’t just make your profile and stay there forever waiting for your prince or your princess to accidentally walk by and find you. It is more like finding that dress that will make you look your best. Or finding your dream job. The quest for your One True Love is going to require work on your part. No stork will drop it on your lap. But hey, remember to have FUN.

Be aware also of “robots” online or of the miscreants. I have to say, this is similar to finding online jobs. There’s a lot of scammers out there. Bear in mind the Dos and Don’ts in making friends. Mind your manners especially when connecting with strangers.



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