One Fine Night

I have been working overtime lately so I have been coming home later than usual although not necessarily more tired. (Yes, that’s true!). One night, after leaving work, I bought groceries and went home.  As I was cooking dinner, while still in my office clothes, it occurred to me. Why not play dress-up that night with my folks?  I have always wanted to do that for the longest time.  So I told my parents to change into something nice.  Ma was doing her laundry while Da was resting on the bed.  I was beat that day and I sensed that they were, too.  But they humored me and so we had some picture taking while the food was cooking, and it was Fun!  Mom doesn’t know how to take pictures with the camera, although all you have to do is point and click.  That night, she learned how to use the digital camera and she enjoyed it!

I think this is the beginning of a new monthly tradition for me and the folks to add to the regular movies and dinner.  Something new to learn,to break the monotony of life, to reduce stress and maybe to meet new people.  Maybe we can go bungee jumping someday. =p

Here’s a couple of pictures from that experimental night in June 30.

DSC09197 DSC09200


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