A Case of A Hypersensitive Reaction to Food

allergic rxnPhoto credit:


Different people have different reactions to allergens.  Some have no response, while others will have hypersensitive reactions.  This article is intended for the latter.

For example, a person may have no reaction to pollens in the air.  (Pollens are from flowers.)  While others, asthmatics in particular will have running nose, some may even have difficulty breathing. And this can be life threatening because if the airway closes due to hypersensitive reaction, then the person can die.

The immediate antidote is an injection of the correct steroid and the right dosage of course, given by the medical practitioner.  In layman’s terms, at the ER.

In my case, I have my Seretide steroid inhaler. so that was what I used.

That incident gave me the creeps.  I was with two seniors at home, who didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t want to pass out and have them panic. My doctor sister was not home either, and I have never encountered something like chills and redness, severe headache and incredible heat all over.  And my heart was about to jump out of my throat any second. So we went to the ER.

The culprit? Bangus.  This is a staple at home.  So I will eat  this fish again sometime next year.  My sister is reminding me to leave the fish alone. ;-P


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