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Escape to freedom. Bringing a Syrian family to safety

How can we help all these people fleeing oppression from their country? There must be something we can do, instead of putting up walls along the borders to stop them from coming…

Russell Chapman

The events in this article took place in the first two weeks of August 2015

This is the story of a Syrian family’s journey to freedom in Europe and the small part I played in helping them. Along the way I saw and learnt a lot about what refugees face as they escape from war-torn countries and political oppression.

Fadl and his family were introduced to me through Muhannad, a mutual friend. He asked me if I would be prepared to help Fadl and his family get from Greece to a particular European country. After some consideration, I decided to try and help them. The family is from the Aleppo region of Syria and before the war they had their own restaurant, they were a middle class family. His wife Majelina, who had to stay behind to look after ageing grandparents, was a university professor of English literature. Then, because…

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Generate LEADS All Year with Infusionsoft!

It’s September 18, 2015. In three months and five days, Christians the world over will celebrate Christmas.  Are your products ready for the buyers?

A few months ago, my girlfriends and I were busy cooking our way to the approaching celebrations here in the Philippines. We wanted to be prepared for Christmas.  You see Filipinos, feel, think, breathe Christmas the moment the calendar month ends with – BER. 

We take pride in being the first to greet our family and friends “Merry Christmas” on the first day of September.  Radio stations play Christmas songs.  Families start to put up their Christmas trees. And those who want to avoid the Christmas rush have been buying gifts at every opportunity they find a sale.

How does knowing this impact you and your business?

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