Of Storms and Ice Cream

Typhoon Nona has just left Manila.  The rains are no more.  But she definitely left some homeless here and there; some crops destroyed; establishments damaged; lives lost…

That is always the case when we have storms —and we have them the whole year, at any time… At least, nowadays, the government is more responsive and the people more alert…

And Christmas is just around the bend. All over the country, Catholics look forward to the Simbang Gabi–it started last night, and as I type on my pc, I can hear the mass going on a stone’s throw from my house.  The next one will be at 4 am later, which I also cant attend, for I work at home from 10 pm until 6 am.

I’ve been wrackingmybrains what dishes to prepare for our Noche Buena.  Ever Since I learned how to cook, I have been preparing meals for the family and the Christmas season is when I try out my experiments.

Then, I saw this on my fb  news feed  —  https://www.facebook.com/epicurious/videos/10156345691670204/




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