Yes, You Can Still Learn Something New




Three weeks ago, Ma didn’t know how to use the computer.  Before I gave her a netbook, whenever I asked her for the best time for us to have our computer time, she would always say, “Next time.”

With the netbook, we took some time to learn the basics of turning the netbook on and off and the same for the modem. Next, I taught her how to use Facebook. Of course! And Google.

We created her own email address and her Skype ID. And Ma is ever protective of her passwords! I don’t know them.

We practiced sending emails and opening emails, adding contacts on Skype, chatting and calling.

Three weeks later, she is always online. Ma enjoys her new found freedom online.  She takes pleasure watching the photos of her apos on Facebook. She leaves trails by putting her comments on any topic she likes. And she takes delight in watching videos where children say their 2 cents.

Ma also is now reaching out to her old friends via email. In addition, days after learning how to be on the net, Ma became more confident. One day, she told me that she discovered that her mobile phone has a radio!

Ma will turn 70 this year, and she still has worlds to conquer. What about you?












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