Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my new blog!  This is a sort of a remake of my other blog which I had to let go of. Fortunately I got copies of my past articles so I can re-post them here with probably a few additions here and there.

I started that old blog by posting inspirational videos and then I wrote my own reactions to certain ideas along the way, mainly to push myself to keep moving forward.

The main blog url: iammagnificent is not meant for me alone.  The I in it is meant to be anyone –it is You – who reads this right now. And you are magnificently created.  You and I have our unique purpose.

I do not intend to change others.  I do intend to challenge myself but if somehow my words are able to move you for the better, then that is more than enough.

I have to confess that when I write, the words seem to have a life of their own and I sort of feel them trying to wrench themselves out of my mind to get  onto the screen.

Words. They are very powerful.  Let’s use them responsibly.

You are most welcome to leave your prints here. Come, journey with me. =)




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