Let’s Rewire in 21 Days

brain rewire

Ok, so let’s make an experiment.  Today is Day ONE. If you want to share what you are grateful for here, feel free to write in the comments’ section at least 3 things you are happy about and keep adding until YOU complete YOUR 21 DAYS and tell us what changed in you, okay? So here goes.

DAY ONE  Friday: January 29, 2016

  • Dad is home from the hospital and is on the mend.
  • I communicated with my sister and she is willing to help with the expenses.
  • My 8 yr-old nephew is joining a school wide spelling bee.
  • I’m learning (a lot!) from work
  • My boss is a very nice person to work with.
  • I heard from an old friend, Momay.
  • I still communicate with other “old” friends– we will celebrate one year of friendship in May this year, we met at POSH, and they are Sharon and Mayet
  • My Mom is still very strong
  • I have friends I can make experiments with at a click of a mouse

DAY TWO Saturday: January  30, 2016

  • I was able to attend the Bible study today, met my friends and learned from them
  • I learned that no one is worth it, but God loved us so much He sent His only Son
  • Manay sent us something to help pay for Dad’s hospital bills
  • I found a way to travel the world cheap and to enjoy it!- it was shared to me by Manay; we were talking about parttime work online and she told me about this website
  • I was chatting with one of my oldest friends
  • I shared great ideas with 2 close friends, Dennis and Grace V
  • My nephew won first place in the spelling bee
  • I want to travel the world this year 2016 while earning good money
  • I will learn new skills

DAY THREE Sunday: January  31, 2016

  • I was able to attend the FEAST again today, and despite the heavy traffic on the way to PICC, and the absence of the orange jeepneys, so I had to walk for a good 20 minutes in the sun, I was able to reach my destination and to hear the second reading, prior to the Gospel!
  • I was able to share some sentiments with my POSH sisters
  • My newly bought umbrella suffered a beating this afternoon because of the strong wind while I walked on my way to PICC, BUT, although the spines got bent a little, not one snapped, so my brand new umbrella is still useful =). No need to buy another one!
  • I gave more than a tenth of my income– in fact, what I gave for my tithe today is from my savings and blessings are starting to drench me! I heard from one of my prospects today! Thank you! Thank you! We are going to discuss the terms!
  • I made plans to travel the world this morning and afternoon, before leaving for the FEAST, and Mom wants to come with me when her classes end in October! I already booked our flight for October 18.
  • I made plans to go backpacking by myself this year 2016 and am planning what countries to go to….
  • Mom is now able to comprehend the possibility of going to the Holy Land at a lesser cost than what other people charge. =)

Today is February 17–I am guilty of not being able to finish the 21-Day Challenge and will have to restart…=(